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How to wash a wig | Follea by Daniel Alain

Steps to Wash your Follea Wig

1. Detangle your Follea
2. Shampoo your Follea once every 7 to 10 days depending how often you wear her
3. Prepare a basin fresh warm water
4. Add a couple drops of your favorite shampoo and swirl around to evenly distribute the shampoo
5. Slowly dip your Follea hair piece in the soapy water and run it through with your hands
6. Repeat for a few times. Rinse under clean water until the sudsy water runs clear
7. Fill up the basin with fresh warm water
8. Add a few drops of your favorite conditioner
9. Repeat the dipping process and take a detangling comb to comb through any tangles
10. Run your piece under fresh warm water to remove any of the conditioner left in the hair
11. Wrap your Follea hair piece into a towel and gently squeeze out any excess water
12. Pin hair piece on a mannequin head and let her air dry or blow dry as desired

Helpful Tools:
Detangling Pin Brush: https://www.danielalain.com/products/detangling-pin-brush
Detangling Comb: https://www.danielalain.com/products/detangling-comb
The Ultimate Care Brush Set: https://www.danielalain.com/products/ultimate-care-brush-set
Mannequin Head with Clamp: https://www.danielalain.com/products/mannequin-head-with-clamp
Wig Pins: https://www.danielalain.com/products/wig-pins